About Hillcrest VLC

At Hillcrest Christian College, we understand that parents value choice and flexibility when it comes to their child’s education. The Virtual Learning Community (VLC) was founded with the core principles of providing families with an independent school option that creates an individual learning program tailored to your family’s schedule and child’s learning style.

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Introduction to Hillcrest
two school age children in Distance Education shirts sit in front of a caravan learning on devices with their dog next to them.

An evolution of
distance education

Distance education programs have traditionally catered to students who have limited access to mainstream schooling, such as students living in regional or remote locations. Our VLC has adapted the benefits of distance education to offer all families a world-class, independent school education that can be completed at home.

Unlike homeschooling, where parents need to source, plan and assess student lessons, your family will have access to dedicated and trained staff to engage them in daily online classes, working through an innovative and future-focused curriculum.

Access the best
of both worlds

Hillcrest VLC combines online, timetabled classes, flexible learning activities and in-person enrichment and social opportunities, so you can choose how and when your child completes their schooling.

This combination of timetabled and non-timetabled learning caters perfectly to families looking for a more adaptable, customised educational program for their child.

Hillcrest Virtual Learning Community

Introduction to Hillcrest VLC


Our Virtual Learning Community (VLC) gives your child the opportunity to complete their education in a flexible, tailored, online learning environment. As a registered and accredited distance education provider, Hillcrest Christian College can deliver the equivalent of a full-time, independent school education in a virtual setting. 

Why Hillcrest Virtual Learning Community?

01Individual learning plans

A VLC education is customised specifically for each child. Students start by creating an individualised education plan. This plan outlines their specific needs and learning pathway, and is designed in consultation with teachers, students and parents. This plan is flexible, and can be adapted throughout their education journey.

02Full program offering

Our VLC delivers the full Australian Curriculum through a series of innovative, integrated, Design-Centred Learning (DCL) projects. We adapt our program for each student, providing them with a skills-based framework to equip and engage them in their learning.