Leading the way in Digital Innovation

Teacher innovation

For some schools, the pandemic lockdowns led to an urgent demand for teachers and students to improve their digital literacy skills, but for Hillcrest Christian College, digital innovation was something that had long been embedded in student learning programs.

Long before COVID-19 lockdowns had caused an uptake in online education across the world, Hillcrest was leading the way in digital innovation. With a long history of partnering with Microsoft Education, teachers have had the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovative platforms and programs that facilitate a future-focused and world-leading education. Now recognised as a Microsoft Gold Lighthouse School, Microsoft Showcase School, and with 14 Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIEs), and one prestigious Microsoft Fellow amongst our teaching staff, there is a wealth of knowledge across the College of how to develop digital learning programs that meet the needs of this current generation of students, who have grown up as digital natives.

A recent report by The Educator spoke to the importance of teachers designing learning from the student perspective, in order to promote engagement, decrease disciplinary issues and create meaningful, individualised learning pathways. The VLC does just that. With its focus on Design-Centred Learning that incorporates real-world and action-based learning, as well as having students work on their own Individualised Learning Plan, VLC students participate in an enriching and engaging schooling experience.

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