Student Leadership in the VLC

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How does the VLC encourage student agency and leadership?

This term, a group of students from across the Middle and Senior years have volunteered to be part of a team to create the student leadership structure within the Virtual Learning Community. Often, students enter a schooling system where they have little choice; long-established structures and traditions tend to dictate the day-to-day operations of a school under the guise of “it’s always been this way”. At Hillcrest, we believe that students should have opportunities to be in the driver’s seat of their educational experience. Rather than have the adults in the school community dictate and communicate the structure for student leadership within the VLC, a group of invested students have the chance to work together to investigate leadership as a construct, research various leadership models, gather data from peers about preferred models, and then create a lasting legacy that will be used by VLC students in the years to come. 

When students see that the adults in their world have faith and trust in them to make decisions, we empower them as critical thinkers and risk takers. If you would like to find out how your child can benefit from being in a school that empowers young people, contact the VLC team here, or call us on 07 5593 4226.

Author: Danni Foster-Brown

Head of Virtual Learning Community

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