Distance Education suited to your family and lifestyle

Hillcrest Christian College’s Virtual Learning Community (VLC) offers your family a truly flexible Distance Education learning experience, so your child can access an exceptional independent school education to suit your family’s lifestyle.

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What is Virtual Learning?

The Hillcrest VLC difference

Hillcrest’s VLC is an evolution of traditional distance education. While we have maintained the benefits of distance learning — your family controls how, when and where your child will complete their schooling — our VLC incorporates the best aspects of a world-class Hillcrest Christian College education. As well as participating in online, timetabled classes, VLC students will be able to access on-campus social opportunities, extracurricular activities and flexible learning at our Gold Coast Campus.

We provide dedicated and trained staff to engage students through interactive and hands-on modules, teaching an innovative and future-focused curriculum. Underpinned by our Christian worldview and values, we focus on educating the whole child, with a strong focus on nurturing their spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Our Program

Tailoring learning to
every student

Our VLC offers a broad range of learning opportunities through individual pathways. We create an environment where every child can learn in a way that suits their unique strengths and interests, equipping them with the skills they’ll need now and into the world beyond school.

Rather than simply working through each subject, our modules are full of interactive, engaging units that build on core literacy and numeracy skills. We ensure that our plans are flexible and can be adapted as your child’s needs and interests change.

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