Students Take the Lead in the Virtual Learning Community

This term, our student leadership team have introduced a student-run club program in the VLC, to help students engage and interact positively and socially, online.

The Virtual Learning Community now offers a range of student-led clubs for Junior and Middle Years students, with Senior clubs to start in Term 3. Our VLC student leaders began this project earlier in the term, planning ideas that would promote engagement with their online friends. All clubs are held in break-times, from Tuesday to Friday. 

Minecraft Club, led by Iain, has our Middle VLC students creating amazing designs of all sorts of wonderful things. This term, students will focus on creating items specifically for a Minecraft Biome.

Armed with paintbrushes, paper and paints, Leila is leading students in the VLC Art Club, to create stunning watercolour and painting scenes. The first artwork featured a frozen landscape of birch trees, northern lights and a winter fox. 

Buster leads Book Club where students discuss their current reads and ask questions. We can reveal that Middle VLC students love science fantasy and historical fiction books the most! 

Ayla will be starting up Cooking Club this week to share yummy food ideas to try at home.

A special thanks to our VLC teachers for supporting our student leaders in running the Clubs. If you would like to find out more information on how the VLC encourages students to drive their own learning, please contact us at www.hillcrestvlc.school.

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