Doing Life Together in the VLC

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How do students build social connections, emotional intelligence and spiritual development in an online world?

At Hillcrest, ‘Life Groups’ are a safe, supportive environment in which students can grow; where each individual feels safe to connect, share and understand each other. They provide the foundation for the whole College to promote student wellbeing, safety and learning outcomes. The aim is to deeply know each child so they can be encouraged and learn in a positive, inclusive and valued environment.

In the VLC, Life Groups form an integral part of building this strong culture of connecting, belonging and caring. Whilst the goal of truly knowing and connecting with each child is consistent across each community, experiences are differentiated in an age-appropriate manner. We believe these opportunities are so important that we have built virtual Life Groups into the daily schedule of all VLC students.

Life Groups allow teachers to develop purposeful relationships with students more openly through intentional and Biblically-based interactions. These promote and support other facets of a student’s life, such as student wellbeing, whole school behaviour, identity (who one is in Christ), and  academic goals, as well as the development of life skills such as self-management, effective participation, creative thinking, reflective learning and team-work.

Life Group is also a designated time for VLC staff to provide opportunities for students to learn how to develop a relationship with Jesus, read and meditate on His Word, and be nurtured and supported to grow in their giftings. We believe that by focusing on filling students’ social, emotional and spiritual ‘tanks’, we have the potential to promote healthy self-identity, minimise negative behaviours and promote high engagement in the academic program. For more information on how we support student wellbeing, click here.

Author: Danni Foster-Brown

Head of Virtual Learning Community

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