Looking to the Future


Find out which global mega-trends are impacting our young people and their learning.

Last month the CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency, released their Global Megatrends report “Our Future World”. Unsurprisingly, the rapidly growing digital and data economy, and the rise of artificial intelligence and advanced autonomous systems, were two of the seven megatrends identified. It was pleasing to see, though, that ‘Unlocking the human dimension’ was also highlighted on the list.

“Emerging social trends have heightened the influence of human perspectives and experiences on future community, business, technology and policy decisions… This megatrend highlights the social drivers influencing future consumer, citizen and employee behaviours.”

Today’s young people are socially aware and empowered consumers, and a relevant education needs to be about more than simply hitting the books and revising for exams. In the Hillcrest Virtual Learning Community (VLC), our Design-Centred Learning (DCL) projects give students real-world, meaningful community-based projects in which they can see purpose for their learning, and where they can be in the driver’s seat of enacting real change in the world around them. Find out more about our VLC as a Distance Education provider provide for your child here.

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