How are Middle School students supported in a Distance Education program?

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It has been widely recognised that students in the middle years of schooling have specific social-emotional needs that aren’t always met by traditional schooling models. That’s why Middle VLC has been specifically designed to meet the needs of our adolescent learners.

During adolescence, students go through rapid physical, social and emotional changes. In order to provide a learning environment which supports students during this phase of growth, Hillcrest has implemented a purposeful middle schooling juncture in Years 5 to 8. This model focuses on nurturing students as they transition from primary school to high school, and building positive relationships amongst students and with teachers.

This philosophy of care is also reflected in the Virtual Learning Community (VLC). Students in Middle VLC learn with a core teacher who works alongside them in key subject areas. They utilise daily, online Life Group (pastoral care) sessions to get to know their peers and teacher beyond the world of academics. Units of work are based around real-world, impactful driving questions in an integrated, Design-Centred Learning approach, to engage and maintain students’ enthusiasm and passion.

Middle schooling at Hillcrest is about guiding students with age-appropriate learning opportunities that build on their personal strengths and interests, while supporting the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of each and every child. If you are interested in hearing more about how we achieve this in the Virtual Learning Community, please contact us here.

Author: Danni Foster-Brown

Head of Virtual Learning Community

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Hillcrest Christian College’s Virtual Learning Community (VLC) offers your family a truly flexible Distance Education learning experience, so your child can access an exceptional independent school education to suit your family’s lifestyle.

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