Is technology at the heart of learning?

mother and son

A well-known educational magazine recently ran an article that claimed, “Tech is firmly established as the foundation of learning”, but is technology truly at the heart of education, and is that where we want it?

There is no doubt that the profile of digital learning tools has risen over the last few years. When Gen X-ers (like myself) were at school, you knew it was going to be an exciting lesson when the teacher wheeled out the TV trolley, or made a lesson interactive using the Over-Head Projector! Fast-forward thirty years or so, and students have a plethora of technological tools at their disposal, as they learn to be creators and collaborators in an increasingly online world.

But if we establish these technical tools as the ‘foundation’ of learning, then I believe we have it all wrong. Learning is still, at heart, a process that works best when a student has a relationship with their teacher based on mutual trust and respect, whether that is in an online environment or in a classroom. Professor John Hattie’s latest work on effect sizes indicates that a positive teacher-student relationship has more impact on learning than a range of educational interventions and strategies, including motivation, early years’ interventions, reducing class size, decreasing disruptive behaviour, and… use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

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