Hillcrest Christian College Teaching the Whole Child: how does a Christian Distance Education program lead to holistic growth?


In a world where families want the very best for their children, what can a Christian Distance Education program provide that goes over and above other educational settings?

Many schools see themselves as ‘IQ incubators’, where students enter in Prep, receive an academic program over the course of 13 years as they work towards senior qualifications, and then use these to gain a place in tertiary education or to enter the workforce. While the Virtual Learning Community (VLC) has an exceptional academic program, Hillcrest Christian College’s educational model consists of four domains of equal importance; intellectual, spiritual, emotional and wellbeing, embedded in a global context. An academic program is extremely important; however, we realise that unless we support students’ wellbeing, give them the skills to improve their emotional intelligence, and equip them with a platform of values to help them navigate through a fast-changing world, then an academic program is never going to cater for the complex, holistic needs of our growing youth.

In the VLC, students have full access to our wellbeing resources, which include a team of chaplains across Prep to Year 12, wellbeing officers, counsellors, student mentors, and Life Group teachers. VLC families can also access our on-campus space, ‘The Well’, which offers a range of resources such as parent courses, coffee and chat sessions, physical resources and more. In a team approach, with the support of parents, we are able to speak into the lives of young people to let them know they are cared for, delve into their incredible potential, and explore their identity in Christ. Each day, students engage in online pastoral care classes where they build relationships with their peers and teachers, and have the opportunity to grow with others learning in this virtual environment. 

A Christian Distance Education program goes beyond learning Bible stories and singing songs about Jesus (although we do that, too!), to let students know there is a firm foundation on which they can stand when times get tough, and that there are a group of people who will stand beside them to guide them through life’s ups and downs. In the VLC, we are honoured to be able to stand with families to assist in developing young people’s character, as well as their academics. 

If you would like more information on what a VLC education can provide, please contact us at www.hillcrestvlc.school

Author: Danni Foster-Brown

Head of Virtual Learning Community

Distance Education suited to your family and lifestyle

Hillcrest Christian College’s Virtual Learning Community (VLC) offers your family a truly flexible Distance Education learning experience, so your child can access an exceptional independent school education to suit your family’s lifestyle.

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